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Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Holga Weddings + Portraits on the Evening News!

My Holga wedding & portrait photography booth made the evening news!

So a couple of weeks back I participated in the Unbridaled Wedding Expo in Philly. Well, while I was in Colorado for my art show opening / artist talk, I got an e-mail from Unbridaled. It turns out ABC News (Channel 6 in that region) was there interviewing people and gathering video footage of the event. And wouldn't you know it, they included quite a bit of footage of me and my booth setup! Apparently, I'm rather alternative even among the alternatives.

Click on the link to see FYI Philly Video: Unbridaled which is news footage from the Expo. Keep an eye out for my booth, which consists of folding screens with panels of Holga images suspended from it, and you can see me (in the yellow shirt and black pants) talking with some prospective clients. You'll also get to see a lot of other offbeat and unique vendors featured in the video, along with snippets of the fashion show modeled by the Philly Roller Girls. Fun!

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Leslie Weekes said...

Erin - that's great news. Congratulations!

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