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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Colorado Holga

Last month I went to Fort Collins, Colorado for my art opening at the Curfman Gallery, as well as to give an artist lecture / gallery talk and participate in student artwork critiques. However, I did have some free time to myself that I used to wander the city on foot and shoot a roll or two of Holga film. The shot above was taken at a construction site on the edge of Colorado State University's campus, and the photo below was taken outside their auditorium where they have a huge Warhol soup can decorating the lawn.

I had a great time visiting Colorado, and am happy that I was able to take some time to make some images to remember my stay there.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I've been very busy this past week. Business work, art work, and family events have all been a factor as usual, but one big furry wrench was thrown into the plans... and what an adorable wrench she is!

World, meet Frida! She is a mystery as far as her breed, maybe a boxer / shepherd / ??? mix. She is a total wigglebutt, loves to give kisses, and as of today loves to jog with Andy. We adopted her from PAW (Partnership for Animal Welfare), the same rescue organization we adopted Maurice from almost exactly 6 years ago. Rescue dogs are the best, and it's so wonderful to give a home to an abandoned, neglected, or abused dog. Maurice has changed so much since coming to live with us - when he was once timid and unsure, he is now cocky and confident and walks very well on a leash (which for an 80 pound dog, that's important!). We're hoping with a little (or a lot!) of work, patience, and love, Frida will make equal strides with adjusting to life in our family.

She's also a bit camera shy, so I'm hoping to get a wider variety of photos of her very soon!

(Edited to add this Shepard Fairey banner to help support pet adoption!)

We  Support Pet Adoption
Pet adoption and rescue powered by Adopt-a-Pet.com

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Weekend Show

Luck of the Draw: An Art & Music Experience
In the Capitol Riverfront Neighborhood

Friday, February 13 - 6 to 10 pm
Saturday, February 14 - 6 to 10 pm
Sunday, February 15 - 2 to 6 pm

The fun begins at the tent on Half Street, between L and K Streets SouthEAST.
@ Navy Yard metro (on the green line).
Take the Half Street exit and follow instructions from the friendly Clean & Safe folks.

Check here soon for a schedule of music and dance performances!

More music and dance being added, but here’s a sampling:
Scrap Heap, Sejayno, Blue Sausage Infant, Shadow Farm, Doug Stailey and Dan Barbiero, Pilesar, Janel & Anthony.

Some of the visual artists you will be seeing in no particular order:
Sherill Anne Gross, Rebecca Katz, Andrew Wodzianski, David Barr, Chris Bishop, Carolina Mayorga, Alexandra Zealand, Albus Cavus, Tariq Rafiq, Andrea Collins, danny phantOM.

“RED: St. Valentine bled for us”
Curated by Sondra Arkin and Ellyn Weiss:
Sondra Arkin, Ellyn Weiss, Pat Goslee, Joan Belmar, Susan Finsen, Brian Williams, Tracy Lee, Anne Marchand, Tom Drymon, Chuck Baxter, Betsy Damos, Lynn Putney, Tory Cowles, Scott Brooks, Kristina Bilonick, Judy Jashinsky, Veronica Szalus.

Photography exhibit curated by Ten Miles Square:
Erin Antognoli, Amber Baum, James Calder, Chris Chen, Jason Colston, Max Cook, Brett Davis, Angela Kleis, Brian Knight, Marie Kwak, Amber Wiley, Pat Padua, Barry Schmetter, Alexandra Silverthorne, Matt Smith, Paivi Salonen, Steve Strawn, Sanjay Suchak, John Ulaszek, Brandon Wu, Josh Yospyn.

Lots of great restaurants to enjoy nearby at Barracks Row before or after you get your art on.

A collaboration between The Pink Line Project, Artomatic, and Capitol Riverfront BID.

Venues: Velocity Condos, Axiom at Capital Yards, Onyx on First

Saturday, February 07, 2009

ISPWP "Real Weddings"

I've been blogging a lot about the ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) lately. It's a directory of some of the finest photographers around the world, but it's quickly becoming a whole lot more. There are now helpful articles, as well as a new resource called "Real Weddings" that gives you a glimpse into a wide variety of weddings shot by the very photographers who make up the organization. These are great for perusing ideas, or just to see what others are up to on their wedding days.

I was super excited to find out that a couple of mine from last August was featured on the "Real Weddings" segment recently. Kajal and Ali had a traditional Persian wedding, and you can read more about what happened that day here: Kajal + Ali's "Real Wedding".

These "Real Weddings" are so fun, and I can't wait to see what other types of weddings crop up over on the ISPWP site!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

ISPWP Award Winner!

Yes, I'm making two posts in one day. Why? Because I just found out two of my images placed in the Winter 2008 ISPWP contest. I am super excited because one of the images placed was under my Halo Photographic documentary wedding and portrait work, and the other was under my Erin Antognoli work - the funky cool creative Holga wedding and portrait site!

I didn't enter many images this time around, mostly because I am indecisive, and by the time the deadline rolls around I'm lucky to have a couple of entries together. So I'm honored that the judges chose what little I entered.

On to the winning images:

7th Place in the Pure Art category:

And 9th place in the Kids Will Be Kids category:

About the ISPWP:
The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers is an organization of the best wedding photographers in the world. It was created by professional photographers to raise the standards of the wedding photography profession.

We are a resource for wedding clients who know they want to hire the best and the brightest for their wedding. We provide assurance and peace of mind that they are hiring the most respected, most ethical, most professional and most talented wedding photographers in the industry.

It’s no secret there are many online directories of wedding photographers. Some of them have hundreds, even thousands of photographers. That SOUNDS great because there are so many to choose from! But most of these directories have little or no criteria for membership, they are simply link farms that oftentimes include photographers with zero experience and unknown backgrounds.

When you hire an ISPWP member, you can be sure they have passed a rigorous application process and are recognized by their peers to be at the top of their field.

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