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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Erin Antognoli - Holga Weddings

Although the site has been live for a while now, I wanted to formally introduce the new brand within Halo Photographic - Erin Antognoli - Fine Art Holga Wedding Photography. It's been linked on the right side of this blog for a little while, and so I figured I'd call attention to it!

You've also seen some of the images from my Holga wedding photography on this blog, so you know that a.) they're not your traditional wedding photography, b.) they're made in the same artistic style as my Holga work that I display in galleries, and c.) they're made using film and a darkroom, rather than digitally.

What you may not know is that I do not in any way intend to replace the regular photographer in this endeavor. I would hope to work along side a regular wedding photographer who would capture the documentary aspects of the day, while I am commissioned to make artwork during a wedding. I have a list of photographers all over the country who would love to work with me who are insanely talented, but couples are welcome to find their own photographer as well... I always like meeting new people. And yes, I will travel just about anywhere if someone is interested in having me make Holga art at their wedding!

I plan to continue offering my documentary wedding photography services as well because I love that type of coverage, but can't do both documentary and Holga coverage at the same wedding. Lots of photographers do shoot a roll or two of Holga at their weddings, but frankly, I've never seen any that are overly impressive. I'd rather not make mediocre images, and feel that the Holga images, in the intricate style the I create them, would need my full attention if they are to be worth printing at all. And I only want to offer the best to my clients - the images I provide would have to be fit to hang in a gallery along side my personal artwork!

So visit the site, look around, and let me know what you think!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Solo Exhibit - G.R.A.C.E.

Great news arrived in the mail today. Technically, I've known for a little while now, but it never seems as real until you have it in writing. I have another solo show featuring my Holga artwork series at the Greater Reston Arts Center in Reston, Virginia. The tentative dates are from January to February 2009, and I will certainly keep everyone posted here when I have specific show and opening reception dates.

Yay! This is my second solo show (so far) that I have earned with this series of Holga photographs. The first will be happening in Georgetown at the Dumbarton Concert Gallery this November - the opening reception is on Saturday, November 3 2007, so be sure to stop by to see the images in person and to meet me!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Alaska X-Pan Landscapes

I am not a landscape photographer by any stretch, but being in Alaska, there was no way I could get through the trip without making photos of the gorgeous scenery. All of my non-Holga film images were shot with an X-PanII, and I don't have them all scanned in yet, but I thought I'd share the ones that I had done so far. I have a lot more to sift through, and will see if I can share more in the near future.

The photo above was taken from the boat on the way to Vancouver, and the immediately photo below is at the Hubbard Glacier. While this particular shot does not show the glacier itself, it shows all the ice chunks that have broken away and are floating on the water.

This one was taken on a path in the woods. It was near a small little town that didn't have much in it (I can't remember the name), but the scenery was nice.

ArtDC.org - Featured Artist

I am this week's ArtDC.org featured artist. Every week, they feature a new artist, and it's an honor to be chosen for a profile.

Since the feature went up last week, they may be getting ready to feature a different talented area artist. If that's the case, you can try accessing my feature here, or checking the links in the right hand column of the main page to find the previous featured artists.

And if you are a Washington DC area artist or are interested in the local art scene, I would highly recommend joining the forums over at ArtDC.org. They are very helpful - I found most of the calls for entry for the shows I am in over there. And the community is a wonderful asset as well.

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