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Sunday, October 21, 2012

what goes where

so this happened a few weeks back, but i figured i'd post it here on the blog for those who are not connected via my facebook art page. i'm busy working on a series of brand new sculptures for my 3 person exhibit in december, and this pic was taken during my preparation for plaster casting all the glass elements that will not be sandblasted.

i laid out all of the sculpture frames on the floor and began placing my objects to be cast into the openings to get an idea of what would go where, as well as figuring out how to balance the cast glass with the sandblasted glass. i think i came up with a good layout, and got all the elements ready to create the pieces that will fill the steel circles.

luckily, everything so far has been successful, and the plaster cast glass came out great! sandblasting will be happening later this week, and in another month everything should be together and ready to be photographed!

save the date - saturday, december 1 is the opening reception for the exhibit which will be titled creating content, and will be hung in the kline gallery at the delaplaine in frederick, maryland. ultra talented glass artists erwin timmers and sean hennessey will be exhibiting with me, so it should be an awesome show.  more details to come as the date nears...

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