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Friday, February 20, 2009


I've been very busy this past week. Business work, art work, and family events have all been a factor as usual, but one big furry wrench was thrown into the plans... and what an adorable wrench she is!

World, meet Frida! She is a mystery as far as her breed, maybe a boxer / shepherd / ??? mix. She is a total wigglebutt, loves to give kisses, and as of today loves to jog with Andy. We adopted her from PAW (Partnership for Animal Welfare), the same rescue organization we adopted Maurice from almost exactly 6 years ago. Rescue dogs are the best, and it's so wonderful to give a home to an abandoned, neglected, or abused dog. Maurice has changed so much since coming to live with us - when he was once timid and unsure, he is now cocky and confident and walks very well on a leash (which for an 80 pound dog, that's important!). We're hoping with a little (or a lot!) of work, patience, and love, Frida will make equal strides with adjusting to life in our family.

She's also a bit camera shy, so I'm hoping to get a wider variety of photos of her very soon!

(Edited to add this Shepard Fairey banner to help support pet adoption!)

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rebecca said...

so, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to meet Frida. She has such a sweet face and I know Mo will adjust and be glad for the companionship. And Frida? She's going to love having a big brother, just as soon as she learns to respect his toys and his space. (Just ask Caitlin...)

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