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Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Boys

I figured I shouldn't go too long without posting a photo of my husband, Andy, and Maurice, who is otherwise known as the Sasquatch. The reason I thought to post this was because someone found this blog by searching the phrase, "photos of a sasquatch that I can print out." I don't want to let my public down, and so I found this photo of the two of them together. This photo shows Maurice's summer cut, so he doesn't look particularly Sasquatch-like here. But he's in full shag mode right now, and I have taken some pretty good photos of him lately that I just need to go through!

We adopted Maurice almost exactly 3 years ago from a rescue group. I have also volunteered with dog rescue, and every dog that I have ever owned and will ever own will be from a rescue or shelter. Maurice's former owners didn't take very good care of him, keeping him chained outside constantly. When they decided they didn't want him anymore, they just stopped feeding him and turned him loose. Luckily he was found by the good people at Partnership for Animal Welfare, which is how we came to own him. His long fur was matted beyond help, he was emaciated and had kennel cough, didn't know how to walk on a leash and didn't know what toys were. You wouldn't know any of that now. He's a spoiled, cocky, confident beast of a dog, and is very well loved!

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