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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Route 66 - Chicago (XPan II)

Chicago - where our Route 66 trip began!

I spent more time in Chicago than any other city on my trip, and therefore have the most photos from this portion of our adventure. To simplify your viewing experience, I'm going to break this city into two separate posts: Holga and Hasselblad XPan II.

Both the Holga and XPan II are film cameras and rangefinders at that, but beyond those few similarities they are as different as night and day. Those who have followed my blog for a while know about the Holga, with it's square crop (that I stretch into landscape proportions!) and use of 120 film. The XPan II is a panoramic camera that uses 35mm film and has a very nice glass lens (read: not cheap plastic like the Holga!).

I like breaking out the XPan II for trips like this because it's format is so vastly different and it forces me to think about composition a lot more. This helps to get me out of the rut of 35mm crop that I sometimes find myself slipping into. It gets my creative juices flowing, and that's always a fun thing! Plus, I love the format for travel. All of the photos you will see me post from this camera are full frame - I did not crop them at all, that is the proportion that the camera shoots in.

Since I'd never been to Chicago before, we checked out Millennium Park and that big shiny bean thing they have. It was pretty cool, although I felt like a total tourist! The rest of the trip was not so touristy, since we stayed with our friends from college who live there now and got to catch up and wander around and eat Chicago-style pizza and all that fun stuff for a couple of days before the actual road trip began.

Check out a few of the photos I made with the XPan II in Chicago here (click on the photos to see them a bit larger):

Up next will be my Holga photos from Chicago!

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