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Monday, May 12, 2008

Metamorphosis - Sasquatch to Spider Monkey

Because the weather is getting warmer (until this weekend, it was!), we decided to give Maurice his first major haircut of the year. It's at this time when people start to ask us if we got a new dog, and what happened to that shaggy one we used to walk. Or, rather than speak, they simply gasp with shock and awe that there was actually a dog underneath all that fur. He is indeed the same creature we adopted a little over 5 years ago. Here is a before and after photo, side by side for comparison:

But, because I could have used a dog double, I will back it up with the process:

See the full slideshow with lots more photos HERE. The first half are taken by me, and the first photo you see me in onward were taken by Andy.

We didn't actually leave that poof on the end of his tail, but we always joke about doing frou frou things with Maurice's fur because once, before we figured out that we did a better job grooming him than the groomers, we took him for a haircut. What we got back was this strange cross between a poodle and a... I don't even know. It was bad, so we just broke out the clippers and did it ourselves. And we've given him all his haircuts ever since.

So, now Maurice is spunky and full of energy, which means he is nagging me a whole lot more than normal. But that's okay, he'll be a lot happier once the hot weather hits... cause I'm sick of all this rain already!


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Lordy! You could knit a sweater with all that hair!!

Alex Z said...

His ears seem to stick up a whole lot more when he's shaved!

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