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Saturday, April 28, 2007

From Sasquatch to Spider Monkey

You might remember this post when Maurice got his annual summer haircut last year. Well, that time is upon us again, and I am here to share a few photos that I grabbed during the grooming.

This is what we started out with:

Some think he looks like a bison. Some would say bear. Others are boring and guess poodle or sheepdog. I think he looks like a sasquatch, and Andy thinks he looks like a gorilla. In any case, he's a big hairy beast, and gets entirely too hot in the summertime with this coat.

Let the shaving begin!

This was perhaps the most freakish moment of the haircut. Normally we start with the body and finish with the head, but we thought we'd try it the other way around this time. The result was that it looked like he was wearing a fur coat (don't tell PETA, they might throw paint on him!). See for yourself:

^^^I know it looks like he's screaming in this photo... but he's just yawning :-)

And finally, the finished look:

Maurice is already much happier, and when we went for a 2 mile walk he was peppy and ready for anything. We'll shave him a couple more times over the course of the summer, but it won't be nearly as drastic as the first annual haircut to kick off summer.


Alexandra said...

Now Maurice too looks like a famous celebrity! Can you guess which one? Is it Scooby? Wishbone? or the 101 Dalmations?

Anonymous said...

Got him pretty close this time!

Anonymous said...

He's so smoochable! Also, he's the spitting image of Tinkerbell Hilton.


The resemblance is eerie.

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