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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Read All About Me!

Finally, for those of you who are not in Montgomery County, you can read the article that features me and my Holga photography in the March issue of Montgomery County Insight Magazine.

Go Here to download the article!

Note: Andy took the photo of me for the feature, and the editor of the Magazine chose one of my Holga photos with Andy in it for the layout. Which is funny because I very rarely feature people in my Holga photos. But that's okay, I'll take it. Let's keep the attention in the family!


Terese said...

Hey! I saw your comment on Jon's blog and saw that you live in Germantown too. I love your work and that article was very informative. I've been thinking about getting a holga camera, but am deathly afraid of going back to film. (I know, I'm a lame-o)

Anonymous said...

The link to the PDF isn't working for me.

Erin said...

yeah, the links tend not to work when they are in between issues for some reason. i need to upload it myself and link to that so it will always be available... just have not gotten around to doing it yet! soon though...

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