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Monday, March 26, 2007

Making Cookies!

I stayed in Philly en route to Boston last week, and while there got to make cookies with Jen's family. She has four daughters, and coming from a family with only one brother, it was a change of pace! I had a lot of fun and took photos of course!

Jen said she didn't have any photos of her with all four daughters together (as tends to be the case when you are the family photographer!) so I made sure to try and get all 5 of them in the frame together. These are really more documentary portraits, as I obviously didn't set anything up, but I think it does the job well.

Here are the rest:


Unknown said...

Erin I'll bet Jen is going to love these photos. You did a great job of capturing the day.

jen said...

my kids are awesome. i am SO HAPPY to have these pictures. finally... i'm in photos with my kids!

we were at the park on tuesday and a stranger gave me her camera and asked me to take a photo of her and her kids. absofreekinlutely.

jen said...

wait wait wait... i'm clicking on the images and reading the titles/file names. ha ha ha ha ah !

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