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Friday, April 28, 2006

GOYA Friday - Summer means Haircuts for ALL!

The start of summer means haircuts for all! Yes, that's right: I got my hair cut, and then the next week Maurice got his hair cut. Or, I should say, Andy and I cut his hair. I don't have any real qualifications to do this, other than I used to cut everyone's hair in college, but that was when we were all poor and for the most part car-less, and had no other options. Desperation will make a person do strange things, including allowing me to give them a mohawk. But I digress...

Step One: Prepare the Sasquatch
(This consists of putting him on a folding table so he can't run away.)

Step Two: Begin shaving the Sasquatch

(Note spindly little tail that hides beneath 5+ inches of fur)

Step Three: Trim Ears
(Note all the fur around the table... this filled an entire large garbage bag!)

(Note my intense expression as I try not to mess this part up)

Step Four: Pet dog as a reward for being so good for the last hour and a half
(I know it looks like I'm grabbing his scruff rather harshly, but he likes it, honest!)

And that, my friends, is how you go from Sasquatch to Spider Monkey in less than two hours!

And, finally, MY new haircut:

So now everyone is cool, comfortable, and ready to begin summer!


Sean Hennessey said...

uh.. is that really the same dog?

Erin said...

haha! when we adopted him, he had to be shaved to the skin because his previous owners neglected him and his fur was all matted up beyond help. we met him when he was shaggy, but they brought him to us shaved, and we totally thought they brought us the wrong dog! it's too funny to see people's reactions as we walk him through the neighborhood a week or two after he's been shaved...

Anonymous said...

Aieeee! The enormous sweet nose in photo 5! Want. to. Smooch.

Anonymous said...

You both are looking soooo fine! Who cuts Andy's hair?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you got the dog to stand there so patiently. The expression on both your faces is great in photo #5 - concentration and boredom...

Anonymous said...

Both your expressions in #5 are perfect...

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