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Monday, March 27, 2006

Munktiki Madness!

Last weekend, Andy and I photographed our friends' Munktiki collection. One of the artists who made a lot of their collection put out a call for any photos of the pieces that told a little about the people who owned them. Our friends are animal lovers like we are, and have a few rescued animals around. We had to bribe the cat with a tasty treat in order to get him to stay on the table with the skull piece, and then we released the snake. We soon realized this probably wasn't the best idea, as the snake darted behind the bookcases and put up a fight before being recaptured and put back in his tank. But we did manage to get some good photos of them all... and nothing broke!

Andy took most of the photos that day, including the one above of the cat. I took the snake photos.

And after that was done, we ate at The Vegetable Garden, which is incredible, especially for those of us being vegetarian and vegan (that would be all of us present that evening!). The menu is huge, and we can eat anything on it... heaven!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These photos came out awesome! The Munktiki folks said they were into them, so hopefully some will make it into the book. Thanks again!

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