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Sunday, August 08, 2010

absence makes the heart grow something something...

i haven't posted here in a while. that's partly because i have film that has yet to be developed / scanned, and partly because i've been focusing on drawing a bit more recently. also, i got a bike for my birthday last month and have been working up to running errands with it (i procured energy bars and chick peas from whole foods today using said bike!).

last weekend i participated in sketchcrawl #28 around washington dc. basically, a group of local artists walks around the city, spending about a half hour at each location, and we all sketch.  it's cool because i get to meet new people, but also because it's neat to see how each person interprets a scene since we are all together for the duration of the crawl. this is also a worldwide phenomenon, and you can check out results from all over the globe on the sketchcrawl site.

here are a few sketches from that day (and hopefully soon i'll be back to posting some holga work or mordançage prints... i'm itching to get back in the darkroom!). click on the image to see in more detail.

(view from the salon on the second floor at the renwick museum)

(figure drawing at the corcoran museum)

(drawing myself drawing on the metro on the way home from the sketchcrawl)

check out all of my sketches from the day on flickr!

1 comment:

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

The two women drawing reminds me of Degas. Great sketches.

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