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Friday, December 04, 2009

My Favorite Cameras

A lot of people find their way to my blog through a variety of means. Sometimes they find me through a link on another web site, sometimes they are clients of mine, and sometimes they arrive here by searching for keywords that appear often in my blog. And one of those topics that attracts a lot of people is the gear I use, specifically my Holga and film photography. Well, an article written by friend and fellow photographer Angela Kleis addresses the topic of a photographer's favorite camera in her latest Smithsonian Studio Arts Blog column, and she interviewed several photographers to find out what their go-to cameras are and why. See the article HERE and you'll get to hear about my favorite cameras to shoot with - the Holga gets a mention, big surprise! But, so do a few other film cameras made by Hasselblad and Nikon. Go check out the article for my full quote, plus you'll get to see what other area photographers like to shoot with most.

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