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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Gelatin Relief

Some of you may have seen my Facebook or Twitter where I have been talking about this old / new process that I am resurrecting and will begin offering to my wedding and portrait clients (not to mention making some cool personal art!). The process is a gelatin relief, and it consists of taking a traditional darkroom print and tossing it in an acid / corrosive solution that affects the silver gelatin and causes it to separate from the paper. These prints are awesome because you can manipulate them in such a wide variety of ways to make the images look completely different. Each image is one of a kind, and while they can be closely replicated, they cannot be exactly duplicated.

I used this process extensively for my graduate thesis exhibit, and have begun to use it on my wedding and portrait images. The image above is from the most recent darkroom session. I can't wait to start making these for my clients... it's gonna rock!

To see a gallery of these images, go to http://www.erinantognoli.com and click on "gelatin relief". I'll post more on the blog and eventually on Halo's site where they belong since they are made from the documentary images I capture for my clients. I am in the middle of a site redesign for Halo at which point they will be added. Keep your eyes peeled for changes and new additions to the gallery!


Sean Hennessey said...


Kajal said...

I still enjoy watching my wedding pictures. The are all perfect and so memorable. Thanks to Erin. You did a great job. After 4 years, the photos are still one of the tops.

Erin said...

thank you, kajal, that means a lot to me!

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