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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Tree

From a distance, our Christmas tree probably looks like most others that one might find this time of year, aside from the big fuzzy gorilla sasquatch lying at the foot of it. But if you look up close, you will see that this tree is filled with photos. It's only fitting for a photographer to put photos everywhere, I suppose. Every year, I get a photo ornament or two from family and friends, and I in turn fill those ornaments with photos of the people (and pets) that are dear to us. Since we live pretty far away from most of our family, it's nice to have a reminder of them. Unpacking the ornaments is definitely my favorite part of the season, and I figured I'd show everyone a few of those that I've collected over the years.

Not all of my ornaments are frames though. The colorful moons and stars came from our trip to India during Christmas of 2005, and there's a photo ornament of Andy and me wearing our Indian garb from that same trip. And I have to give a huge shout out to my great friend Devlan for the zombie ornament I got in the mail yesterday. Oh, how my friends know what I like! But *most* of my ornaments are indeed photos.

Even the family pets get ornaments on my tree! You can see below one ornament that my mother got for me this year while we were shopping after Thanksgiving. I need to find a photo to put in that one and several others that are relatively new.

Whatever you're celebrating this season, make it wonderful, and keep your loved ones close in body and spirit!

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