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Monday, December 04, 2006

AGWPJA - Award Winner!

I just got an e-mail to let me know that the results of the latest AGWPJA (Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association) contest were in, and guess what! I placed 6th in the details category, which means I am now officially a member of the AGWPJA. (Note: As of now, I am only one of four photographers from the state of Maryland to have placed in these contests since the start of the AGWPJA!).

The only way to get into the AGWPJA is to place in the contests, and the only way to get into the contests is to be a WPJA member. To become a WPJA member, you have to shoot weddings in a primarily documentary style.

The image that placed is of bride Aryn, whose wedding I photographed this past October. The image is very close to how I shot it, except I edited out a few bits of tree branch that were in the lower right and pumped up the color slightly. The AGWPJA lets you manipulate photos, but the regular WPJA contest images must be displayed as shot.

The judge's (Joseph Victor Stefanchik, another reason to get excited over placing in this contest!) comments on my photo: "Beautiful blue sky nicely contrasts the bride and her veil."

Also from the e-mail from WPJA and AGWPJA founder David Roberts: "JVS, who judged the contest, expressed that the task was especially challenging for him, because each category was loaded with so many outstanding creative images. It was difficult, he said, to determine the top ten. Yet, he did; and the results are for your review."

See the contest and AGWPJA web site HERE.


Aryn said...

Congrats Erin, so exciting!!! One of my favorite photos too :).

Aryn said...

Congrats Erin, so exciting!!! One of my favorite photos too :).

jen said...

i'm only sticking my tongue out at you in jealousy because i love you.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! that's quite an honor and a great image.


Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! You know I love your photos, but it has to feel good when others tell you how much they love them too. And this photo is a delight. Congratulations, honey!

Anonymous said...

6th place is awesome, but I have a hard time believing they found five people better than you. Put ME on that panel!

Congrats congrats, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I really do like that photo. Beautiful colors and yet interesting use of negative space...another photo worthy of Claire Fischer. :-) I looked at a link you had to a site with wedding pictures awhile back and they were all so facile...even one set that had the bride and groom posing in an abandoned house seemed characterless...well-intentioned but spineless. Like the pictures of a bride and groom you'd find in a frame bought at Wal-mart. Your pictures on the other hand are unafraid and ungeneric.

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