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Monday, November 06, 2006

One Light Workshop / New York City!

I'm back from New York, and it was just an incredible trip. First of all, I have to say that the train ride was amazing. I had never taken the train before, but it beats flying hands down. Seats are bigger, more leg room, no waiting in lines to board the plane, and when all is said and done, it takes about the same amount of time to get from DC to NYC. Plus, you end up in the middle of the city as opposed to out in the middle of nowhere at the airport.

Day one was the Photo Plus Expo. There was really just too much to take in and it was a bit overwhelming, but I did pick up a few samples from my lab and from some other vendors that I plan to check out this week. I also got to meet some photographers who I have known in the world of cyberspace but had never met in person. That's always fun, and so it was a good day :)

Day two was the One Light Workshop given by Zack Arias. I really don't do workshops much because I got two degrees in photography and already have a strong foundation, but this one was really good for all levels. We had a very long day of learning and shooting, and I would highly recommend it. Zack even let me hook up my Holga to the strobe system to see if it would work (I'll post results once they are developed!). You can see a few of the images I took of our model Madison with my more "high tech" camera here:

And Zack taking some sample images to show us:

Day three was just me hanging out with my friends Matt and John, who were wonderful enough to let me crash at their place and then take me all over town to sightsee and hang out. We went to a flea market where we found some interesting things and I got to take some fun photos that you can see here:

Then we walked around Manhattan and went shopping and I got to touch the $5,000 coats and $3,000 sweaters that Matt designed. Normally I would be scared to even set foot in stores like that let alone touch everything, but it's ok if the designer is with you! Then I was more in my element when we stopped into a few pet shops to look at the puppies. I'm all for adopting rescue dogs myself, but I never pass up a chance to pet a puppy!

Then we headed back to the apartment where I was accosted by the cats who are all competing for my attention. It was pretty funny... animals have such personalities. And I thought my dog was bad about needing so much attention!

So that sums up my trip! I had a lot of fun, and hope to visit again soon!


S. said...

Is your friend wearing a DOCTOR WHO SCARF???

Anonymous said...

Holy cow Erin I love your eye! The 2nd image is classic NYC. I really really like the flea market photo juxtaposing pink girl cloths and barb wires as well as the framed subject next to empty frames--too cool! I am soooo bummed I couldn't make NYC and the Photokina Expo--I had last minute things come up at work that nicked my plans for the "big city".

I guess TP and I will just have to find a way to convince you to come to beantown.



Anonymous said...

Forget beantown, come to Vancouver!! Love your work Erin. You are one creative ninja.

jen said...

dangit I had to work that day. shoot. i'm glad you had enough fun for me, too. fun shots. as always!

Anonymous said...

sounds like an awesome trip! the second photo is great! and i also really like the first cat photograph. looking forward to seeing what you were able to do with the holga and the strobe.

Anonymous said...

Aw man. I'm envious of the trip to the Expo, love the images from around NYC, and the cat images are adorable. I want one. (Image, not another cat!).


Jamie Owens said...

Looks like you had fun. I have been to 2 One Light Workshops. Zack rules.+++

Kimberley Bednarski Anderson said...

Cats will eat your face when you are not looking. Ask Charo.

That "frame" photo is freakin' amazing. I threw up a little bit in my mouth when I saw it because you suck so much.


Amber & Charles Ford said...

Looks like it was an awesome workshop. I hope I can find a good workshop at WPPI this coming year. I love ALL the photos but I'll have to say the last one is my favorite! LOL I busted out laughing when I saw it. It's like "You woke me up for WHAT!?!?" Great great great job on all fronts! -Charles +++

kristinbednarz said...

Oh, Erin. Such fun interesting stuff. That 2nd image IS classic new york and almost a 007 feel as well. Must be the nice coat and shoes. LOVE it.

I have Zack's workshop on my short "to do" list in life. Glad you gave your perspective. Now it only makes me move it up the list and yearn for it even more.


yeahboone said...

i'd love to see those holga images when you get em back!

that onlight workshop looks great - i gotta get to one.


Anonymous said...

Some great images there, well done. Lots in one post, so you can't comment on individual ones - but keep on posting, well done.

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